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Theme Camp Sponsored Pre-Paid Phone Cards...

Black Rock City, NV --- BRCellular is honored to be able to help Theme Camps, Villages & Individuals with the associated costs of attending Burning Man and making the trek to the Black Rock Desert.  BRCellular offers an easy & simple Fundraising concept, Pre-Paid Phone Cards.  Getting to BRC and the monies associated with a Theme Camp, Village or Art Installation can easily top $5K/Year, BRCellular wants to help.

With the success of its own Pre-Paid Phone Cards, it was a NO-Brainier to extend this offering to Theme Camps, Villages & Individuals to help defray the costs of attending Burning Man.

As of April 1, BRCellular has signed agreements with both Shangri-La Village & PolyParadise for Sponsored Pre-Paid Phone Cards.
Provide your own images or for a small fee have BRCellular's  Design Studio create them for you.
Note: BRCellular reserves the right to refuse to publish a submitted Phone Card idea with material BRCellular deems offensive, rude or abrasive.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for production & delivery. 
Last day to order for Playa-Time delivery will be July 15, 2006

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