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April Fool's Humor - BRCellular...

Phoenix, Arizona -- They say Humor is all about 'Timing', and timing is what April Fool's is all about.  It is that one-day where almost anything goes in the name of a practical joke.

But forget about the 18th Century, it is 2006 and here in MY World, my Burner World we celebrate this day with a Web Site Parody, ALL about Burning Man.

Is something FUNNY if only the creator laughs? Humor needs to be shared, and the best way I have found in the Digital Age is thru Web Design.  "Being on the edge, Creating on the edge and Living on the edge."

Making Fun...
Poking Fun...
Having Fun...

BRCellular is the 2nd April Fool's web site created by the ever talented Scotto, and with any second attempt, it must TOP what you have done before, take it one step farther. In 2005 Scotto released SPOTS - Providing Burning Man a Place To Go Since 1995.

Ever since SPOTS, the 'Thinking Cap' was on, what to do next.  With the help of my Partner, WildChild, the idea of BRCellular started to take shape as we crossed into 2006. There was LOTS to do, this web site would be the piece de resistance of all web sites I have created.  130+ Images were borrowed, created, manipulated & cropped, as well as learning PERL, JAVA & MySQL, and honing my Photoshop skills to make this site truly interactive and complete.

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This web site and any insinuations, claims, allegations and other statements contained herein are just plain FALSE and are only published as an April Fools Joke and is in no way
intended to reflect in any bad way on the Playa Internet Services or any Cellular Company providing service to the Empire, Gerlach & Black Rock Desert. Site Design by Scotto