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Sponsor a BRCellular Kiosk...

Black Rock City, NV --- With Playa Based Kiosks, BRCellular brings together Theme Camp & Individual Fundraising efforts and in turn promotes its own products & Services. BRCellular Kiosks will Blanket the Playa allowing Individuals, Theme Camps & Villages to broadcast Playa-Wide advertising.  This Revenue Stream helps BRCellular as well as the Citizens of Black Rock City.

BRCellular has a limited number of available Kiosks that can be placed within your Camp Space.  These Kiosks will not only show Individual, Theme Camp & Village Advertisements rotating every few minutes but will be fully functional Purchase Stations for BRCellular Products & Services.

You can choose from four (4) kiosk models, and for a small fee, BRCellular will install and maintain the Kiosk throughout the week of Burning Man.

You & your Theme Camp or Village will reap $5 every time a Playa Citizen views any Kiosk Advertisement in its entirety. If a message is only partially viewed you will earn $2.50.

BRCellular is poised to offer five (5) free Phones & the Gerlach-Empire Rate Plans as well as two (2) free Playa-Wide Kiosk Advertisements for the first ten (10) Individuals, Theme Camps & Villages that sign on to Sponsor a Kiosk in their camp.

  • Raise the visibility 'Playa-Wide' of your Theme Camp or Village events

  • Increase foot traffic in and around your BRC address






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