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BMORG & BRCellular Sign Exclusive Agreement...

Under the terms of the agreement, BRCellular will be the exclusive provider of Wireless Services for the Burning Man Organization at its Gerlach offices as well as during the annual festival, which takes place the last week of August each year.  BMORG will have exclusive rights for new products introduced by BRCellular during the length of the agreement.  By virtue of the contract, BRCellular will be able to market directly to the Playa Citizenry thru its interactive Kiosks and will also allow Individuals, Theme Camps & Villages to sell advertising, Pre-Paid Phone Cards or Sponsor a Kiosk in their Camp space for added Revenue Generation.  Individuals, Theme Camps & Villages will be able to market Personalized Pre-Paid Phone Cards, a very exciting & proven revenue stream.  "This is a Win-Win scenario for everyone", says ScottoBobScotto.


The long-term agreement between these two companies will have BRCellular representation on the BMORG LLC Board of Directors. Financial terms and the length of the agreement were not released.

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