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The Future is Bright For BRCellular...

Black Rock City, NV --- "The outlook for 2006/2007 is most promising for BRCellular's key markets and we expect, barring unforeseen industry turbulences, a double digit increase in operating profits compared to 2005", said BRCellular Chairman & CEO, ScottoBobScotto, during a recent Shareholders meeting.

Satellite Internet





With the anticipated success of BRCellular in Black Rock City, the company is laying the groundwork for several new offerings in 2007.  In addition to World Class Wireless Phone Service, BRCellular will be poised to offer High Speed Wireless Internet Access,  Digital Quality TV, Satellite Radio as well as Laptop Computers and there are even plans for a  DVD Movie Rental Service.

Many of these projects are still in the development stage, ScottoBobScotto has assured BMORG & other investors they will be ready and up to the task. "One of our biggest challenges is to acquire enough product to meet the prospective market that is BRC & Burning Man.  We are working feverishly with our vendors, suppliers and regulators to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance."

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